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Say so

Confidential Reporting for Care Workers

 NACAS are pleased to be working in association with Say So to support care and support workers to enhance their status and wellbeing at work.

This service has been created by safeguarding professionals to provide an independent and trustworthy reporting service so that standards of care and workplace cultures are continuously improving. In particular,   Say So encourages early reporting of problems and issues before they develop into serious failures. Staff contentment and morale issues are also encouraged to be reported so that senior managers get honest feedback from the operational delivery level.

The founders of Say So, through consultation, understand how many care workers feel isolated and unable to report matters that concern them through internal processes and   sometimes this is detrimental to their own wellbeing.

We want to assure all NACAS members that they are welcome to use our service whenever they feel they cannot report in the normal way to their line management or through another internal process.

All information will be held securely and in confidence by Say So (unless you choose otherwise). 

We can accommodate anonymous reports where desired. 

Alternatively, you can call Say So on 0800 321 3546 (free-to-call) to speak direct to a safeguarding professional by telephone to report your concern (Mon-Fri   9am to 5pm)

Say So is NOT FOR MATTERS OF IMMEDIATE RISK - these should be reported to the appropriate emergency service   - police, ambulance etc.

How to Use Say So: 

Click here for advice on  speaking up  during COVID_19