Free dbs checks for eligible emergency roles

Free dbs checks for eligible emergency roles

Free dbs checks for eligible emergency rolesFree dbs checks for eligible emergency roles

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About Paul


Paul is a qualified engineer and manager. Paul came to work in social care quite late in his working career and has become a respected professional care worker in a relatively short time. He also quickly realised that care workers did not get the recognition and respect he felt the vocation deserved given the importance of the work, and how dependent so many people were on care workers to live fulfilling and independent lives.

Paul is passionate about his work and his fellow professional care workers, and he decided that something needed to be done to address the issues that many care workers face on a daily basis, and after two years of research, founded the UK Support Worker Association in March 2016.

As Paul says "Too many care workers across the UK have been getting an unfair deal when it comes to many things, particularly when it comes to recognition, respect and professional status, which is widespread in the sector. In setting up UKSWA, as it was then, I wanted to address that and create a professional body or social community for care workers and help create an environment that would ultimately provide a better deal for them."

In 2017, Paul re-branded UKSWA to become the National Association of Care & Support Workers alongside Mohammed Gbadamosi and, a short while after, with Karolina Gerlich. 

Paul looks forward to NACAS further establishing itself as a major player in the social care sector, promoting change through innovative thinking, partnership and collaboration and to create a better deal for care workers across the entire country