Free dbs checks for eligible emergency roles

Free dbs checks for eligible emergency roles

Free dbs checks for eligible emergency rolesFree dbs checks for eligible emergency roles

latest information on coronovirus covid-19

Additional Information

 This page will help you find the most up-to-date information on coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes the latest information from the National Government, Public Health England,  Public Health Wales & Health Protection Scotland, as well as specific guidance for those who provide care and support for others. Soon, we will also be providing answers to some of the more common questions we are being asked by people working in social care. 

Many care and support workers will be at the front line during the coronovirus outbreak, and NACAS will endeavour to support them in whatever way it can. Many employers will have developed strategies and advice for their staff during this very difficult time.

In normal times care and support workers go above and beyond the call of duty, caring and supporting  our elderly and vulnerable, often spending more time with those they care for than with their families and loved ones. Now, working at the frontline of social care at this time they will be asked to go further. This they will do with professionalism and commitment, for which we should all be grateful.

All we can say is take care, and that we are  proud of you all.


Public Health England, Public Health Wales and Health Protection Scotland  have information on:

  • the latest situation on coronavirus in their regions, including the number of cases
  • how to reduce the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus
  • what to do if you have symptoms
  • self-isolation, including questions and answers.

There is more specific information for those providing:

Guidance on Infection Control

COVID-19  infection Prevention and Control

Guidance on  infection prevention and control for COVID-19