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Business Membership


Business Membership Overview

As a professional body, we focus on the long-term advancement of care work as a recognised profession, which we believe will only be achieved through collaboration with like minded people.
Our Business Membership is designed to compliment your existing employee benefit offering and to help and to support the professional development of your staff – building strong, effective and motivated teams.

Why Join

As a Business Member  partner, you gain access to a variety of benefits, so you can create a better business.

The benefits include:

  • E-Learning :  access to a portfolio of  38 no cost industry recognised e-learning courses, courtesy of our partners at Qintil. Your organisation will benefit from its own learning dashboard, where you can set criteria for each course, monitor staff compliance and progress.
  • NHS Digital: access to over 200 no cost online courses courtesy of the NHS Digital, e-LfH Hub. Simply let us know which staff members you would like to have access, or we could bulk register all of your team in one go.
  • DBS: low cost DBS checking courtesy of our partner uCheck. Your organisation will have its own DBS application platform on the NACAS account. There will no registration fee to pay.
  • Job Postings: unlimited job postings on our website and social media platforms.
  • Retention and recruitment: Business membership works as an employee benefit, which we believe will assist your organisation to foster an environment of support and development, helping to retain staff and drive recruitment. Each member of your team will have full access to our range of member benefits.
  • Team development: You can demonstrate your company’s own commitment to the professionalisation of the care working vocation by offering individual membership of NACAS to your team members.

Don't take our word for it

We think our business membership perfectly compliments an employers employment, but then we are biased, so don't just take our word for it, here is what one of business members has to say about it.

Clive Acraman (CEO Health and Care at Home) says "We recognise NACAS as the 'Professional Body' for Care and Support Workers in the UK. We have invested in Corporate membership to ensure we continue to care for, and support our staff, as well as we expect them to care for, and support our customers. Our staff are important to us and we want them to feel valued" 


Business membership has been developed so that no one size fits all. We will work with you to agree a cost that best suits your companies’ requirements and the number of employees you wish to sign up.

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