National Association of Care & Support Workers


About Us


NACAS was founded by care worker Paul Featherstone in 2016. This was in response to the  fact that care workers were the only social care workforce group that did not have its own representative professional body, formal support network or career development opportunities.

Read our founders bio, but be warned this does involve his profile piccie, so those of a nervous disposition may wish to skip this bit.

Stakeholder & Professional Standards

NACAS is a social care stakeholder, and a nonprofit professional body. Through its accredited membership scheme, it brings care workers across the UK together. What is unique about us is that we are a strong united community of care workers, helping and supporting each other to be the best care professional we can be. We have a Code of Ethics and Conduct which demonstrate a commitment to the highest professional standards


NACAS dismisses the notion that care work is an unskilled job and promotes care and support work as a profession .

Care working is challenging and rewarding career, a career that both men and women can be proud to be a part. 

By joining the NACAS, care and support workers demonstrate their passion for their vocation, and a willingness and commitment to set professional standards and a real desire to further their own personal development. Members agree with and adhere to the values set out within our Code of Ethics

Join Us

We believe care workers are  special and a precious resource.

Joining NACAS is a positive step, not only will you receive support and benefits,  you will also be helping us as we engage with all the major social care stakeholders and government in our ongoing quest to see care workers be regarded as highly skilled care professionals in their own right.